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Q: What players wear number 23?
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How many players in the NBA wear?

number 23

Which soccer players wear the number 23?

That's David Beckam's number..

What soccer players wear number 23?

Jamie Carragher.

What NFL players wear the number 23?

Tyler Ettel

What hockey players wear jersey number 23 in the NHL?

Milan Hejduk for the Colorado avalanche

What NBA players wear number 28?

No current NBA players wear number 28.

Do NHL players wear 00?

no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

Who wears the 23 jersey?

Micheal Jordan, LeBron James.........the top players who wear #23

Who wears the number 23 in soccer?

Anybody. Ages ago players were numbered only 1-11, but now anyone can have whatever number they like, eg. Pepe Reina wears number 25 for Liverpool, David Beckham used to wear the number 23 for Real Madrid.

Which nba players wear number 23?

Michael Jordan wore it, that's why it's very famous. LeBron James wore it in the 2009-10 season, but he's changing it to 6 in the 2010-11 season. Marcus Camby, a player for the Portland Trail Blazers wears the number 23 as his jersey as well, most NBA players wear that number in honor of Michael Jordan because he made that jersey number famous in basketball.

What players wear number 11?


What famous soccer players wear number 23?

Andrey Arshavin . . . David Beckham

Which number will giroud wear?

hie will wear 23

Do baseball players wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson day?

Yes, all players and coaches wear the uniform number of 42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

Which NHL players wear the number 23?

one bob probert of the detriot redwings one bob probert of the detriot redwings

Which professional athletes wear number 31?

basket ball players do and football players and rugby players do

Which soccer players wear the number 25?

Sheanon Williams

What nba players wear number 53?

There are not as many players in the history of the NBA that have worn the number 53, and none currently playing. Some of the players to wear number 53 are Stanley Roberts, Darryl Dawkins, James Edwards, and Mark Eaton.

Which New York Yankee did not wear the number 2?

There were many players on the Yankees that didn't wear the #2. Click on the link below to see the players who did wear it.

Which NBA players wear number 6?

There are many different NBA players that wear the Number 6 jersey. Among these are Arron Afflalo, Kent Bazemore and Tyson Chandler.

Do any NBA players wear number 56?


What number will andrei arshavin wear for arsenal?

Andrei Arshavin will wear the number 23 shirt.

What hockey players have worn number 23 for the los angeles kings?

Number 23 is currently worn by Dustin Brown

What famous sport star wear number 23?

the most famous sport star to wear number 23 is David Beckham LeBron James is also a famous #23.

Are there any NFL players that wear number 7?

There are a lot of players that wear #7, but the most widely one known is Michael Vick.