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kyle wellwood

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Q: What players wear jersey number 42 in the NHL?
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What hockey players wear jersey number 8 in the NHL?

Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitals).

What hockey players wear jersey number 23 in the NHL?

Milan Hejduk for the Colorado avalanche

Do NHL players wear 00?

no nhl players do not wear 00 because it is not a valid number

Which players in the NHL wear the number 25?

Cam Jansen

What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

What NHL players wear number 2?

ya mum

What hockey players wear the number 00 in the nhl?


Which NHL players wear number 16?

Sean Avery nyr

Which nhl players wear number 1?

Alot of goalies use #1.

What players wear number 96 in the NHL?

Fabian Brunnstrom of the Dallas Stars

What NHL players wear number 8?

Alexander Ovechkin and formerly Cam Neely

How many players are in the NHL?

Number of NHL PlayersThere are currently 690 players in the NHL.

What NHL players wear number 10?

Brenden Morrow, Guy Lafleur, and Patrick Sharp. All good players :)

Who were the only Players to wear jersey 99 in the NHL?

Jersey #99 was retired league wide when Wayne Gretzky retired, therefore no one else has had that number since he wore it. However, there were other players who wore that number before him, and probably other players on other teams that wore the #99 at the same time that he wore it for his team.

What NHL players wear the M11 helmet?

Some players on the Ducks....

What type of girdles do nhl players wear?

They dont wear girdles they wear pants

What is the maximum number of NHL teams?

There does not seem to be information on the maximum number of NHL teams in the league. However, the maximum numbers of players on an NHL team is eighty players.

What was manon rheaumes jersey number when she was in the nhl?


What is a NHL alternative jersey and when do they wear them?

It's not their home jersey, it's not their away jersey, it's also known as the third jersey,and they wear it for special occations to be determined at the start of the season.

What does the A mean on NHL players jersey?

The A stands for Assistant Captain. The C stands for Captain.

When do NHL teams wear conference jerseys?

Players playing in the All Star games wear them

Is it a rule that you can't wear a full cage helmet in the NHL?

You can in-fact wear a full cage in the NHL. The reason why players do not wear a cage is because it obstructs vision.

Which NHL players wore number 33?

former blackhawks players that wore number 33

Where is Wayne Gretzky's jersey retired?

the number "99" is retired in the NHL. the number "99" is retired in the NHL.

Which NHL players wear the number 23?

one bob probert of the detriot redwings one bob probert of the detriot redwings