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i think it was Ron Harper, Kobe Bryant, rick fox, shaquille o'neal, and Robert horry...derek fisher replaced Harper the next year and the lakers won in '00, '01, '02...

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Q: What players started for the lakers in 2000?
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Who is a player in the LA Lakers?

One player in the LA Lakers is Kobe Bryant Another is Lamar Odom there are obviously more than 2 players on the LA Lakers, but those are just 2 for you to get started with. I hope this helps you :)

What was the Lakers called when the NBA started?

They were the Minneapolis Lakers.

Who did the lakers beat in the 2000 championship?

The Lakers defeated the Indiana Pacers in the 2000 NBA Finals.

How many players are there in the La Lakers?

there are 39

Are the Nets better than the Lakers?

It depends on which year you were talking about. Currently, the Nets would get crushed by the Lakers even if the Lakers star players were absent.

Who started as point guard for the Lakers during their 2000 2001 2002 threepeat Brian Shaw Derek Fisher or someone else?

D fish

What is the song played to introduce Lakers players?

Snoop and kurput

Which of these players did not play on the Minneapolis lakers team?

Gail Goodrich

Will the lakers get any new players?

yes coming from college

Who are the best Lakers players ever?

Nessya :) ily :p

Why did the Lakers start losing?

The Lakers team started losing, because Ron Artest is injured.

When did Kobe Bryant won his first championship?

2000 with the Lakers.