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CHivas has an excellent team right now, the problem is that they are to young and havent learn or mature enough. If they keep on playing with young players in about a season or two they will be raw. They just need to get experience.

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Q: What players should Chivas get?
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Who is chivas best players?

el gonzalo napoli

What makes chivas a good team?

chivas is a good team because all of the players are Mexican and they are all young. and they always win America

What players from chivas are married?

OMAR BRAVO is married to Taylor Alton

How much money do soccer players from Chivas make?

1/2 100,000

When was the last time Chivas won cruz Azul?

Chivas has never beat Cruz Azul because Chivas doesn't have foreighn players in their league and because cruz azul beat puebla on march 28 2008

Who wins more pumas or chivas?

chivas pumas suck its all about the chivas

Who won of chivas US vs chivas de guadalajara?

CHIVAS won. score 1-0

America or chivas?


How many goals do the soccer players of Chivas del Guadalajara have?

por haora tienen 6,099 goles, pero van por muchos mas.. arriva las chivas el mejor equipo de Mexico

Who's better toluca or chivas?

chivas because well right now they havent lost a game there the leader of the group chivas for sure. who is the leader of all the teams? which team has more goals made than any other team? which team has the least losses? "Who's better toluca or chivas?" Chivas #16 NOT #17 BECAUSE AMERICA HAS THAT SORRY SPOT:[ win, lose, or tie, chivas till i die (YEA RITE !!!!!!!!) Chivas is better then toluca why here are some reasons: 1# the team is all made up of Mexican players 2# they have more championships than any other Mexican team and 3# they are the most popular in Mexico. THATS RIGHT CHIVAS HASTA LA MUERTE CHIVAS MANDA LA IRRE COMTROLA Chivas has sexyplayersand i wish they were naked. im hot and single and have big boobs.

Who is better chivas or amirica?


Whos is better chivas or america?

Chivas are, my brother goes for America and i know how it feels if they win-un asco, pero quando las chivas ganan i get like super happy i just have to go out and party. So really chivas are better. Chivas are better than America