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So MANY players have scored 2 goals in a Champions League match. PLayers like Henry, Messi, Ronaldo, Raul, Ruud Van Nistelruoy have all scored 2goals in a CL match. And there are many more.

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Q: What players have scored 2 goals in a champions league match?
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How many goals has Messy scored in champions league?

messi has scored 69 goals in the champions league

Scored most goals in champions league?

Raul has scored 71 goals in the champions league which is the highest of all time.

Which Champions League Final European Cup Final players scored goals on their birthday?

Gerrard Gerrard

Who scored the most goals in the European champions league?

Currently, the record for most goals in the CHampions league is held by Raul and Messi. Both have scored 71 goals.

How many goals has messi scored in the champions league?

Lionel Messi, at the time of writing has scored 71 goals. This is also the shared record for most goals scored by a single player in Champions League.

How many champion's league goals did Messi scored for barcerona?

Messi has scored 71 Champions League goals for Barca. Incidentally, this is also the record for most Champions League goals by a single player.

Who is the highest scorer in the champions league?

The highest scorer in the Champions league is currently shared between 2 players - Lionel Messi and Raul. Both of them have scored 71 goals .

How many champions league goals has philipo inzaghi scored?

5 goals

Who scored 200 goals in uefa champions league?


Who has ever scored the highest goals in champions league?


How many goals raul have scored in champions league?

Raul of real Madrid has scored 70 goals in the champion league. Filippo Inzanghi has also scored 70 goals.

How many goals did Raul scored in uefa champions league?

he scored 66 in Europe

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