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Mario Lemieux played 915 games in the Penguins jersey.

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Q: What player played the most hockey games as a Pittsburgh penguin?
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What does Sidney Crosby do for a living?

He is a hockey player in the NHL. He currently plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and recently played on Canada's Olympic men's hockey team in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Sidney Crosby salary?

Ice hockey player Sidney Crosby make $12 million dollars a year. He is a hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Which player for the Phittsburg Penguins is called Sid the kid?

Which Pittsburgh Penguin player is called Sid the kid?

What is Marc Andre Fleury most famous for?

Marc Andre Fleury is most famous for being a professional hockey player, he played for Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League (NHL), he played the goal tender position and has won several awards.

Who was dhyanchand and what sport did he play?

He was an Indian hockey player and played field hockey

Who was the first Pittsburgh penguin player to record 50 goals in a season?

Pierre Larouche

Who was the shortest hockey player in NHL history?

goalie Roy "Shrimp" Worters, who stood at 5'3", played for Pittsburgh, New York Americans, and Montreal Canadiens from 1925 to 1937

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's favorite hockey team?

Pittsburgh Penguins his favorite player Canadian Sidney Crosby.

Who is Heather dysievick?

Heather Dysievick is the girlfriend of hockey player, Jordan Staal. He plays for the Pittsburgh, Penguins

Where did Sidney Crosby live?

Hockey player Sidney Crosby was born in Halifax, Canada. As of 2014 he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and lives in the area of Pittsburgh, PA.

What does a hockey player get paid a game?

It depends on the amount of goals scored.each hockey player gets played at least $50 a goal or not

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Well yeah!!! You kinda have to know how the game is played in order to be a good player.

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