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Daniel sedin or Ovechkin or stamkos

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Q: What player in the NHL has the most points but never won the Stanley cup?
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Which player won most Stanley cups and didnt play for Montreal canadiens?

Red Kelly is the most successful NHL player who never played for Montreal. He won 8 Stanley Cups with Detroit and Toronto between 1950 and 1967.

What player has scored the most points playing for the Atlanta Falcons?

The player with the most points in franchise history is kicker Morten Andersen.

Who holds the record for most Stanley Cups for a player?

Henri Richard, with 11

What player has most Stanley cup wins?

Henri richard with 11 cups

Which San Francisco player scored the most points?

Which San Francisco players score the most points in 2011

One player most points?

In the the most points in his career was Kareem Abdul-Jabaar with 32, 000 some.

What is the most points in a NBA game?

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

Nhl Player with most Stanley cup final appearances from 2000-2009?

Petr sykora

What NHL player has won the Stanley cup most times SINCE 1980?

Edmonton and pittsburg

When was the last time a NHL regular season champion won the Stanley cup?

Detroit red wings won the Stanley cup in 1998 after winning the presidents trophy for most points in the regular season

Which player is the NBA has the most points?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar he has 38,387 points{history and all-time Shaq has the most points he has 28,255{he is still playing}

What is the record for most points scored in the NBA from one player?

Wilt Chamberlin 100 points