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its obvious. ovechkin

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Q: What player has the most shots on goal in the NHL playoffs?
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Most shots by a player in a season NHL?

Most shots on goal, one season: Phil Esposito, 550 (1970-71)

When was ABA Playoffs Most Valuable Player Award created?

ABA Playoffs Most Valuable Player Award was created in 1968.

Was Roberto carlos the most amazing soccer player ever because of the goal he scored?

if your talking about the one where he bends the ball around the wall and into the goal then yeh he is the best. Christiano Ronaldo has some pretty sick shots that bend to.

What nba player has the most double doubles in the playoffs?

Tim duncan

What NBA player has the most personal fouls in the playoffs?

brian scalabrine

Which goal annoys a soccer player the most?

an own goal

Which NHL player has the most points since the 2003 Playoffs?


What player has hit the most home runs for the AL In the playoffs?

ross from the giants

What player has the most playoffs played in the NBA?

Robert Horry with 244 games.

Which NBA player missed the most shots in a season?

Michael Jordan

What NBA player holds the career for most 50 point games in the playoffs?

Michael Jordan - 8

Which player scored the most points in one game during the playoffs?

Michael Jordan with 63 points.