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Ray Allen

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Q: What player has the most career three pointers in the NBA?
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What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a career?

Brandon cole of arkansas played for JBU with 529 in hos career and behind him is JJ redick of duke

Who has the 2nd most 3 pointers in nba history?

Currently, Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics has the second most career three pointers in the NBA.

Manute bol three pointers made in a game?

Manute Bol made 6 three-pointers in a single game on April 12, 1993, while playing for the Golden State Warriors. This is the most three-pointers Bol made in a single game during his NBA career, and it remains a record for a player listed at 7 feet 7 inches tall.

Which Georgetown basketball player made the most three pointers in a game?

John Wallace

Most 3 pointers in a career?

Ray Allen

Kobe Bryant all records in NBA?

81 POINT GAME : Second Highest Feat in NBA history. 12 THREE POINTERS: Most in a single game by One Player. 9 STRAIGHT THREE'S: Most Consecutive Three Pointers in a one game by a Player.

Who is the player with the most 3 pointers in nba finals during his career?

Ray Allen in the 2010 currently has the record for the most 3 pointers during an NBA final with 8.The question asked for most 3-pointers during his career. Ray Allen has 34 threes over his career in the Finals.Michael Jordan had 42, and until 2010 that was the most. As of the 2010 Finals, Derek Fisher has 44, and Kobe Bryant leads all with 48.

What college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a row in a game?

j.j. reddick

Which college basketball player has made the most three pointers career all levels all colleges?

Brandon Cole of John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, hit a career total of 527 3-pointers. He played from 2002-2006. Cole also holds the all-time, all-level record for most consecutive games with a made 3-pointer, 112. J.J. Redick of Duke had 457 3-pointers.

What player on duke's men's basketball team made the most three pointers?

JJ Redick, with 457 threes.

What are most three pointers Reggie Miller has ever hit in a game?

Twice Reggie Miller hit eight three pointers.

Who holds the sec record for most 3 pointers mad in a career?

ray Allen