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Q: What player has scored hat tricks for and against Chelsea?
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Which player scored hat tricks at two separate world cups?


What team has the Minnesota Wild scored the most hat tricks against?

Vancouver canucks

Which player has scored hat tricks in a tyne wear derby?

Kevin Nolan

Which player scored the most hat tricks in the world cup?

I think it is Gabriel Batistuta.

Who are German players who scored hat tricks in premiership?

Jurgen Klinsmann (Spurs 1998), Fredi Bobis (Bolton 2002) and Andre Schurrle (Chelsea 2014)

How many hat tricks has messi scored for barcalona?

he has scored about 19 (hat tricks)

Is there scored two hat tricks in one game in Premier League?

Yes, there have been three hat tricks in a game. Jacques Richard, Anton Stastny and his brother Peter all scored hat tricks on February 22, 1981 against the Washington Capitals. Wayne Gretzky, Jari Kurri and Willie Lindstrom of the Edmonton Oilers all scored hat tricks on November 19, 1983 against the New Jersey Devils. Mike Donnelly, Jari Kurri and Luc Robitaille all scored hat tricks for the Los Angeles Kings in San Jose against the Sharks on November 8, 1992. Also, in a playoff game, the Los Angeles Kings scored three hat tricks against Calgary on April 10, 1990. Dave Taylor, Tony Granatto, and Tomas Sandstrom scored the hat tricks. Also impressive was the 9 goals came on only 10 shots.

How many hat-tricks has steven Gerrard scored?

2 on the 22 of march 2009 ageinst astonvilla and against Napoli in Uefa cup!

Who has scored hat-tricks in European cup finals?

Puskas, Di Stefano, and Pierino Prati are the only three players to have scored hat-tricks in the European cup finals. A hat-trick in soccer is when three consecutive goals are scored by one player.

Which player has scored a hat trick in all four English leagues?

I was there at the millennium when he scored his hat trick against Scotland , the player in question is Robert Earnshaw , most of them for Cardiff , but his premiership hattrick was for West Brom vs Charlton

How many hat tricks has Rooney scored?

about 3

What legendary soccer player scored many hat tricks of which one was scored of a goal with this head then his left foot and the third with his right foot?

It is the Croatian footnaller Ivica Olic at Bayern verses Lyon.