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Jim Marshall, who had 29 in his career and played for the Minnesota Vikings

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Warren Moon with 56

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Frank Howard

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Q: What player has recovered their own fumbles the most times in the NFL?
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Which Pittsburgh Steeler recovered the most fumbles?

Ernie Stautner has recovered the most fumbles by a Steelers defensive player with 23.

Who holds the NFL record for the most fumbles recovered in his career?

Quarterback Warren Moon recovered 56 of his own fumbles during his career. Jim Marshall recovered 29 opponent fumbles during his career.

What were the most fumbles in a college football game?

The most fumbles in a College football game were 9.

Which QB had the most fumbles in 2007?

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys had the most quarterback fumbles in the 2007 season. He ended the year with a total of 10 fumbles.

What player holds the record for the most career championship game fumbles?

As of the 2008 NFL season, the most fumbles by a player is 23 by QB Kerry Collins of the New York Giants in 2001 and QB Daunte Culpepper of the Minnesota Vikings in 2002.

What player holds the record for most fumbles in Super Bowl Games?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, who played in four Super Bowls during the 1970s, holds the record for fumbles with five.

What player has the most career fumbles in super bowl history?

Three players are tied for the single game record for most fumbles in a Super Bowl. This dubious trio each had three fumbles in a single game. They are:Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys, Super Bowl XJim Kelly, Buffalo Bills, Super Bowl XXVIFrank Reich, Buffalo Bills, Super Bowl XXVIIIn terms the most fumbles in a Super Bowl for multiple games, one man stands atop the leader board. The player with the most fumbles, with 5 fumbles in 4 games, in Super Bowl history is:Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Who has had the most fumbles in the NFL 2008?

For the 2007 Season, the Washington Redskins had the most fumbles with 25.

Who holds the record for most fumbles in 2008?

your mom! she fumbled my balls from her mouth in total of 47 times.. got a good tounge!

What NFL team has the most fumbles?

Rams and bucs

Which quarterback has the most fumbles in 2012?

eli manning

Who has most career forced fumbles?

reggie white