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Many goalkeepers play for quite a few teams and never score - the answer could be any of these.

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Q: What player has played for 6 teams and never scored?
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Which player has never scored a Premier league goal despite playing for 7 Premiership teams?

David James

What team has never scored a goal at the fifa world cup finals?

All teams that played a world cup final game have scored at least a goal.

Which premiership player has played for three premiership teams and only scored only two goals?


Which player has played for 6 top flight teams and scored against Manchester united for all of them?

Neil Harris

Which player has played for 5 teams that have won the champions league but has never won it himself and what teams did he play for?


The player who played for 3 premiership teams and only 2 goals?

Peter Schmeichel - Scored for both Man Utd and Aston Villa.

Football player scored at wembley in the same year for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper and in what year?

which player scored at wembley with 3 different teams against same goalkeeper

What player scored 3 times at wembly for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper?

who scored a goal at wembley with 3 diffrent teams against same goalkeeper

Who is the only player to have played for 5 teams who have won the European cupbut he has never won it?

david platt

Who played for both the bruins and Celtics?

I'm assuming you mean a player who has played for both teams. If so , there has never been a player to play for both teams to the best of my knowledge. However, John Kiley played the organ for the Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox and is often credited with "playing" for all three teams.

What NFL player has scored against all 32 teams?

Terrell Owens

Who played for three English teams only scoring twice?

Peter Schmeichel, He played for Man Utd (scored once) Aston Villa (scored once) and Man City.

Which played scored goals for 5 different teams in champions league?

Hernan Crespo

Which footballer has played for 3 premiership teams and scored 2 goals?


Is there a NBA player that went to college but never played college Basketball?

The answer is no because then the NBA teams would ever have been this good.

What NHL player scored 20 plus goals for 5 different teams?

eddie shack

Name a player who has scored a goal for both teams Liverpool and Manchester untied?

Paul Ince

Who is the only player to play for 5 different teams that have all won the Champions League European Cup at some point in their history but he himself has never won it and what teams did he play for?

Ronaldo (the Brazilian one) played for real Madrid, Barcelona, milan, inter and psv. all those teams have been European champions but ronaldo has never won that trophy as a player.

Who has played for six premiership teams and not scored a goal?

it was yassba yimicahchi until he eventually got a goal

Does the referee have to give the ball to the player when inbounding the ball?

yes except when one teams player is inbounding the ball because the other team has scored.

What teams did Robert horry play for?

Robert Horry is known as the player who had a lot of playoff experience by playing for several top teams, although he was never a star. He played for 3 teams during his NBA career, and went to the playoffs with each of them several times.

Which players have played and scored for both teams in Manchester derby?

The main one was Dennis Law who scored the winning goal that got Man Utd relegated (he did not celebrate the goal).

Who was the only player to have scored for both teams in a world cup match and for which countries did he score?

Ernie Brandts of Netherlands, against Italy in 1978. He scored an own goal in the 18th minute, but scored at the right end in the 50th minute.

Goals are worth 6 points A league of teams played one round of afl each scoring the same amount of points One team scored 1 13th of the total goals and 1 15th of total points How many teams play?

It would seem that if each team scored the same number of points, each of 15 teams scored 1/15th of the total...

What NFL teams has Tim Tebow played on?

Tim Tebow is quite the football player. As for the NFL teams he's played on, he has played on the teams of the Denver Broncos as well as the New York Jets.