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Ken Griffey Jr and Don Mattingly share the record with 8 consecutive games with a home run

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Q: What player had the Longest home run streak?
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What stadium has the longest home run hitting streak?

Cincinnati Reds 57

Which baseball player has the longest streak of years with at least 1 home run?

Rickey Henderson homered in 25 consecutive seasons

What player hit the longest home run?

Mickey Mantle

What player has the longest streak of years with at least 1 home run?

Rickey Henderson. Henderson played for 25 seasons and had at least 1 home run in each of those 25 seasons. Ty Cobb is second with 24 seasons.

What baseball field has the longest home run streak to start a season?

at&t park with Barry bonds on the SF Giants

Who has the longest hitting streak with out hitting a home run?

Well, it may have been Joe Dimaggio, Hid enormous streak consisted a few HR's but before the HR's thats probably your answer

Who hit the longest home run in MLB history?

The player who hit the verifiable longest home run is Mickey Mantle. i believe it was around 634 feet. Mickey Mantle hit the home run on September 10,1960.

Who has the longest streak in a home run derby?

One Round-Josh Hamilton-28(2008) All Rounds-Bobby Abreu-41(2005)

Which WNBA team has the longest winning streak?

Houston Comets - 15game run in 1998

Which team in serie a had the longest unbeaten streak?

AC Milan is the team in the Serie A that has the longest unbeaten run of 59 games.

How far is ted Williams longest home run?

Ted William's longest home run in Fenway Park was 502 feet, but I don't know if that was his longest home run ever.

What is the longest home run hit by a Minnesota Twins player?

Harmon Killebrew 523 Feet

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