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Reggie White

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Q: What player from the Chicago Bears became a preacher?
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When were the Chicago Staleys changed to the Chicago Bears?

The name change from Staleys to Bears became official in 1922

When were the Chicago Bears officially established as a team?

The Chicago Bears were established in 1919. They became part of the NFL in 1920.

What team did the green bay packers become when they were transferred to another city in January 1922?

The Decatur Staleys moved to Chicago and became the Chicago Bears.

What year was the Chicago Bears team formed?

1920 as the Decatur Staleys. They moved to Chicago in 1921 and became the Bears in 1922.

What were the Chicago Bears called in the 1920s?

The Decatur Staleys became the Chicago Staleys in 1921 and were renamed the Chicago Bears when George Halas bought the right to the club in 1921.

What Chicago bears wore?

Gayle Sayers is the most famous player to wear number 40. He played for the Chicago Bears.

What was the name of the team that later became the Chicago Bears?

Decatur Staleys

Who was the best player for the Chicago Bears in 1993?

Jose Torivio

Which players wore?

which player wore #85 for the chicago bears

What Chicago Bears player died recently?

It was Gaines Adams.

What player is 54 on Chicago Bears 2012?

Brian Urlacher

What team does Matt forte play for?

Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears Chicago bears