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Q: What player broke the color barrier in 1947?
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Who was the first player to break the color barrier in 1946?

No one broke the color barrier in 1946, however in 1947 Jackie Robinson broke it by playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What major league player broke the color barrier in 1947?

Jackie Robinson in the AL and Larry Doby in the AL.

When was baseball intergrated?

In 1947, Robinson broke the major leagues' color barrier when he debuted with the Dodgers.

Which African American player helped desegregate the sport of baseball?

Jackie Robinson broke the Major League Baseball color barrier on April 15, 1947.

When did Jackie Robinson win rookie of the year?

In 1947, the year he broke baseball's color barrier as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What year did Jackie Robinson break the color barrier by becoming the first black Major League Baseball player?

1947 was when Jackie breaks the color barrier

When did jackie robinson break color barrier?

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball on April 15, 1947. At that time he became the first African American to play major league baseball.

How did Jackie Robinson help to change racial discrimination?

He broke the color barrier in 1947 that is why he is known to help change racial discrimination

What year did the Negro League end?

The Negro League started in 1885 and ended in 1951. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.

What was date Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound?

He broke the sound barrier October 14, 1947.

Who was the first person to cross the sonic barrier and when did he do it?

Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947 flying the experimental X-1 aircraft.

When did Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier?

October 14, 1947. He was Just 24 and the night before he broke 2 ribs while horseback riding!

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