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Q: What plane of motion is a round off back handspring in?
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You can do a round-off back handspring perfectly but you still have to master your standing back handspring?

Yes. Some people only have their round of back-handspring and can't do a standing back-handspring. It doesn't really matter the order you do things in gymnastics.

What new tricks can you learn on the trampoline?

Here is a list of tricks you can learn on a trampoline * Front Handspring * Front Tuck * Back Handspring * Back Tuck * Handstand * Cartwheel * Round- Off * Round- Off Back Handspring * Round- Off Back Handspring Tuck * Back Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Back Tuck * Front Handspring, Front Handspring * Front Handspring, Front Tuck * Back Tuck, Back Tuck * Front Tuck, Front Tuck * Front Handspring, Back Handspring * Back Handspring, Front Handspring * Russian * Pike * Tuck * Seat Drop * Belly Flop * Back Drop * Twist * Cannon Ball * Side Flip * Sommersault ... if you have a big enough trampoline... you can do alot more tricks. This is only some of the basic tricks. If you are able to do these... you can experience alot more complicated tricks. If you try these and get hurt... well it is not our fault... we are just sugesting this. Thanks... and remember BE CAREFUL... DONT HURT YOURSELF

Skills in tumbling?

In order easiest 1st: Foreword roll handstand handstand foreword roll cartwheel round-off running round-off rebound front walk over back walkover (you can do all of these without a spot) harder skills ;) front handspring back handspring round-off back handspring round-off back tuck back tuck handspring seres the last 5 i would recommend with a spot P.S. you can switch the order of the front and back walkovers and handsprings

Is a handstand considered tumbling?

no, tumbling is more powerful such as a round-off back handspring.

How do you keep strong in a round off back handspring?

Just keep doing it. the more you do it the easier it will be.

Can you be a cheerleader if you can't do a back handspring?

it depends where u want to cheer. for grade school squads a back handspring is not required. however, once u get into the high school level it depends on whether the squad competes or not. in college a back handspring is most likely going to be required, if not something greater, such as a round off back handspring back tuck or layout

How do you do a round off back handspring?

You do the round off, which is a cartwheel but you land on two feet. Once you mastered that, you learn how to rebound which is after you do the round off you jump up. After that, you do your round off and then instead of jumping up, you jump backward with your hands above your head and do the back handspring.

I need a list of as many moves as you can think of in tumbling. Floor moves of course. I need them in order from easiest-basic to hardest-complex. Thanks for your help. I need as much as I can get.?

forward roll backward roll handstand forward roll cartwheel roundoff front walkover backwalkover front handspring back handspring round off back handspring tuck round off tuck standing tuck bhs tuck round off back handspring layout round off layout bhs bhs layout bhs layout round off back handspring full roung off full bhs bhs full bhs full standing full round off back hand spring double full round off double full bhs bhs double full bhs double full standing double full

What does brother martin high school cheerleading team in new Orleans require for tumbling?

At minimum a back handspring. The level has recently increased with the quality of tumblers increasing and most of the girls who try out have at least a Standing back handspring back tuck or a standing tuck. For running tumbling the majority, if not all of the girls have a round off back handspring back tuck

Is it easier to do a handspring after a round off?

Yes, it actually is because when you do just a plain back hanspring without a round off you don't have as much momentum. That is what is easier about it, you have more momentum.

What are some cheerleading words?

stunt, tumble, base, back spot, round-off, floor, back handspring for a complete glossary, go to under safety

What is the easiest way to do a back handspring?

Stretching your back and wrists. You don't want to get hurt. Back bridges are a great thing to do before throwing a back handspring.