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30th in two-man. The four-man sled crashed and was not ranked.

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Q: What place did the Jamaican Bobsled team finish in the 1988 Olympics?
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What place did Jamaica came in at the 2014 winter Olympics?

The Jamaican bobsled team finished 40th in the two man event.

How many winter olympic medals has Jamaica won?

None. Their best finish was a 10th place in the bobsled competition in the 1992 Olympics in Albertville.

What place did Britain finish in the Beijing Olympics?


Where did Great Britain finish in the Olympics?

In the 2004 Olympics Great Britain finished in 10th place. With a total of 30 medals.

Where did Great Britain finish in the Olympics 2008?

Great Britain finished in 3rd place.

What place did Great Britain finish in the medals table in the Beijing Olympics?

theycame 7th place cah alii

What is an Asian team's best finish in Olympic basketball?

Philippines, 5th place (1936 Berlin Olympics)

What is the highest finishing place of a Jamaica bobsled team?

For the four man team it was 14th place in Lillehammer. For the 2 man team it was 29th place in Nagano. The Lillehammer team finished higher than any U.S. driven sled in those Olympics.

What place is Ukraine in the Olympics?

a place in the Olympics

How old was Michael Phelps start swimming?

He started when he was 7. He competed in his first Olympics at 15 years of age with the 5th Place finish in the 200 m butterfly in the 2000 Olympics.

Who was the fastest female sprinter at the 2012 Olympics?

The fastest female sprinter at the 2012 London Olympics was Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce. The Jamaican won the women's 100m gold in 10.75 seconds. The 2nd place was just 0.03 seconds behind her.

Where did the Olympics take place?

The Olympics took place in Athens

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