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His main pitch was a 2-seam fastball. Other than that he threw a changeup, and about once or twice a game he threw a curveball. Later in his career he started throwing a cutter and a slider

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Q: What pitches did greg maddux throw?
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How many pitches did Greg Maddux throw against the Yankees on July 2 1997?

According to Baseball Reference, Maddux and the Braves defeated Dwight Gooden and the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, 2-0, on July 2, 1997. Maddux threw a three hit, complete game shutout with eight strikeouts and no walks. He threw 84 pitches and 61 of them were strikes.

How tall is Greg Maddux?

Greg Maddux is 6'.

What is the birth name of Greg Maddux?

Greg Maddux's birth name is Gregory Alan Maddux.

When was Greg Maddux born?

Greg Maddux was born on April 14, 1966.

What is Greg Maddux's birthday?

Greg Maddux was born on April 14, 1966.

Who is better Greg Maddux or Randy Johnson?

my answer is Greg Maddux based on stats mostly

Was Bob Gibson or Greg Maddux a better pitcher?

Greg Maddux is way better!

Fewest pitches thrown by greg maddux in a complete game?

According to Jayson Stark in an article dated August 17, 2006 the fewest pitches thrown by Greg Maddux in a complete game is 78, set on July 22, 1997. In the same article he states that Maddux has thrown a total of 6 games with a pitch count under 90 ( a 78, an 82, an 86, an 88 and 2 89's

Is Greg Maddux divorced?

No, Greg Maddux is not divorced. He is currently married to Kathy Maddux. They have two children together. They are named Amanda Paige and Satchel Chase Maddux.

What is the ERA of Greg Maddux?

Through the 2008 season, Greg Maddux has a career ERA of 3.16.

How old is Greg Maddux?

Greg Maddux is 51 years old (birthdate: April 14, 1966).

Does Greg Maddux have a sister?