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Wilbur Wood in 1973 for the Chicago White Sox was the last pitcher to start both games of a doubleheader.

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Wilbur Wood

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Q: What pitchers have ever started both games of a doubleheader?
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Who pitched both games in a doubleheader against the New York Yankees and lost them both?

On July 20, 1973, Wilbur Wood of the White Sox started both games of a doubleheader and lost them both. He had a record that year of 24-20, the last A.L. pitcher to go 20-20.

Who was last pitcher to start two games in a row?

Justin Verlander this year at both ends of AS break. July 1973 Wilber Wood started both games of doubleheader against NYY

Who pitched both games in a doubleheader for the New York Yankees and lost both games?

Babe Ruth

Did warren spahn pitch in both games of a doubleheader?


Who was the American League manager to get thrown out of both games of a doubleheader?


Did Robin Roberts ever pitch both games of a doubleheader for the Philadelphia Athletics?


Who was the youngest St. Louis Cardinal pitcher to complete and win both games of a doubleheader?

Dizzy Dean

What were the results of a doubleheader that don Newcombe pitched?

Dodgers won both games. He pitched 16 innings.

When did Hideo Nomo pitch both games of a doubleheader?

Nomo never pitched both games of an MLB double header. After many of his starts, the record shows notation 2. The 2 refers to the 2nd game that day, not both games. But no two of the 323 lifetime MLB games did this power pitcher throw in both ends of a double header.But he may have done so in Japan - maybe the rumor started there?

What is largest attendance for a major league doubleheader?

On September 12, 1954 a crowd of 84,587 was in attendance at Municipal Stadium in Cleveland as the Indians won both games of a doubleheader against the Yankees, 4-1 and 3-2.

Only pitchers to throw perfect games in both leagues?

No pitcher has ever thrown 2 perfect games.

What is a doubleheader?

A doubleheader is when a team plays 2 games in one day. Teams used to schedule some doubleheaders, but now doubleheaders only occur when making up for a game that was canceled. Thirty years ago there was only about a half hour between games of the doubleheader, and doubleheaders either had an early afternoon start (12:00 or 1:00) or they were "twi-night" doubleheaders that started around 5:30. One ticket got you into both games. Today doubleheaders are generally "day-night" doubleheaders, with a day game and a night game played by the same pair of teams with several hours between games, and separate admission required for each game. The Mets and Yankees have played 2 two-borough doubleheaders, making up a rained out game in one stadium during the afternoon before driving to the other stadium to play the scheduled game at night.

Has a pitcher ever started both games of a double header?

Not only has it been done in MLB, but (on occasion), a pitcher has WON both games -- and once the pitcher had a shutout IN BOTH GAMES.

What was the largest attendance to a Colt 45 baseball game?

That would be the announced crowd of 30,027 that saw a June 10, 1962 doubleheader vs. Dodgers. The Colt 45s lost both games, 9-3 and 9-7.

What major league baseball player was traded in the middle of a doubleheader to the opposing team?

Max Flack and Cliff Heathcote are the only players to play for both teams in a doubleheader, having been traded by the Cubs and Cardinals, respectively, between games on May 30, 1922. The Mets in 1979, traded for Jose Cardenal in between games of a doubleheader. Cardenal crossed the hall and dressed -- but did not play -- for the Mets in the second game. "A couple of Mets players, John Stearns and a few guys, were saying, 'What are you doing here? Wrong clubhouse!'" Mets manager Joe Torre was going to play Cardenal, who asked out of the lineup. "I could not do it. I was in shock."

Did Bill Stafford win both games of a double header?

No. Looking through Stafford's gamelogs, it shows he pitched in both games of an MLB doubleheader once, that being April 22, 1961 for the Yankees against the Orioles in Baltimore. He pitched 1 1/3 innings in the first game to a no decision and got a blown save in the second game.

What pitchers gave up hits to both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds?

The two pitchers that gave up home runs to both Aaron and Bonds are Rick Reuschel and Frank Tanana.

Who was the first baseman for the New York Yankees in 2004?

It was first baseman by committee for the 2004 Yankees as Tony Clark started 64 games and both John Olerud and Jason Giambi started 47 games. Travis Lee started the other 4 games.

How many pitchers can be used in one MLB game?

There are different amount of pitchers in a 40-man roster, whether you have 25 pitchers (in both the starting rotation and the bullpen) or just have 10, in any game, you can use all of your pitchers. However, you can't use a pitcher once they are taken out of the game.

How many all-star games has david wright been in?

David Wright has been in 2 All Star games, in 2006 and 2007. He started both games.

What player hit most home runs total in both games of double header?

In MLB, that is Stan Musial of the Cardinals against the Giants on May 2, 1954 and Nate Colbert of the Padres against the Braves on August 1, 1972 .... each hit 5 home runs during a doubleheader.

Who was the Baltimore colts' quarterback in 1971?

John Unitas and Earl Morrall shared starting duties for the 1971 Colts as Unitas started 5 games and Morrall started 9 games. Unitas started both playoff games for the 1971 Colts, a victory over the Browns in the Division round and a loss to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship game.

Who are the only pitchers with 2 no hitters and 1000 strikeouts in both leagues?

tere tar ton

In the World Series what is the rule about pitchers batting for the National and American Leagues?

During World Series games played in National League ballparks, National League rules are enforced, and the pitchers will both bat like any other position player. During World Series games played in American League ballparks, American League rules are in effect, and both teams have the option use a designated hitter and the pitcher will not bat if this option is taken. If, however, a DH is later put into a game as a position player, the DH option is then lost, and the pitcher must bat.

How many pitchers have struck out both Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds?

None. Aaron retired before Bonds began his career. However, several pitchers, probably, have struck out Aaron and Barry Bonds' father, Bobby Bonds.