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Mickey Mantle hit 31 home runs in 1959. Some of the pitchers that gave up the home runs include: Pedro Ramos (1st home run of the season, 250 career HR) Jim Bunning, Bob Grim, frank Lary, Bill Monbouquette, Gary Bell, Billy Pierce, and others.

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Q: What pitchers gave up home runs to Mickey Mantle in 1959?
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What was Mickey Mantle's nickname?

Mickey Mantle's most popular nicknames were "The Mick", and "The Commerce Comet" his teammates also gave him the nickname Muscles.

Who gave up Mickey Mantle's first hit?

On April 17, 1951, Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Wight gave up Mickey Mantle's first hit. It was an RBI single to left field.

Who gave up the first home run in the Astrodome to Mickey Mantle?

On April 9, 1965, Mickey Mantle hit the first home run in the Houston Astrodome, off pitcher Turk Farrell.

What physical attributes did New York Yankee management see in Mickey Mantle?

The management of the New York Yankees reviewed the performance of Mickey Mantle and gave him the highest marks in the following areas: 1. Speed; 2. Throwing; and 3. Power.

Who gave up Mickey Mantle's first home run?

In MLB, that was Randy Gumpert of the Chicago White Sox on May 1, 1951.

Who gave up Mickey Mantle's first home run?

In MLB, that was Randy Gumpert of the Chicago White Sox on May 1, 1951.

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Which pitcher gave up a home run to Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle?

Al Benton faced both of these players -- the only pitcher to have done so -- but did not give up a homer to both.

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Hector Lopez. Maris' 60th in 1961 came in the 3rd inning of the game played September 26, 1961 against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Jack Fisher was the Orioles' pitcher who gave up #60. Lopez pinch ran for Mickey Mantle in the 1st inning and assumed Mantle's cleanup spot in the lineup.

How many multiple home run games did mickey mantle have?

See Related Links below for a complete list of Mickey Mantle Home runs. The list includes Career and season Home Run number, date hit, what side of the plate he was hitting from, the team he hit it against, the ballpark, and the pitcher that gave up the home run. The list includes All star, and World Series Home runs. Everything but the inning he hit it in. You will have to count the Multiple Home run Games. (allow time for the page to load it is a long list.)

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