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Nolan Ryan holds the record with 2,795 career walks allowed (he also holds the record for career strikeouts).

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Q: What pitcher holds the MLB record for most walks in a career?
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Who holds the major league career record for walks?

Me and your mom

Who holds the record for career walks as a batter out of any team?

I believe it is Babe Ruth

Who holds record for most homeruns ever?

Barry Bonds holds the record with 762 career homeruns. He also has the most career walks with 2552. His career batting average was .298 but came at the cost of a $188,245,322 career salary.

Who holds the major league record for most walks?

Batter - Season: Barry Bonds - 232 in 2004 Career: Barry Bonds - 2558 Pitcher - Season: Amos Rusie - 289 in 1890 Career: Nolan Ryan - 2795

Who holds the Red Sox record for the most intentional walks drawn?

Single season: Ted Williams, 1957: 33 Career: Carl Yastrzemski, 190

What pitcher has the most walks in a career?

Nolan Ryan has issued the most walks in MLB history with 2,795.

Who has the most intentional walks in a career?

As of the start of the 2008 MLB season, the career record holder for intentional walks in Barry Bonds with 686.

What major league baseball player holds the record for most consecutive walks?

Mickey mantle

Was Babe Ruth a good pitcher?

You decide. Ruth started his career as a pitcher. He pitched in 163 games, 147 as a starter and had 107 complete games. He had a career record of 93 wins and 44 losses, with an ERA of 2.28. He also recorded 17 shutouts, with 488 strike outs and 441 walks in 1,221 innings pitched. I'd say he was a pretty good pitcher, wouldn't you?

What is MLB season record for fewest walks per inning allowed by starting pitcher?

cliff lee

Which MLB Player hold career record for walks?

Barry Bonds but Jim Thome can take it if he wants

How many walks did Babe Ruth have as a pitcher?

Babe was credited with giving up 451 walks in his MLB pitching career ... 441 in the regular season and 10 in the World Series.

Which MLB team holds the record for the most walks allowed in a season?

The 1915 Philadelphia Athletics (now Oakland) had 827 bases on balls (walks). They played 154 games, which averages out to 5.37 walks a game.

In the whole baseball league who was walked the most?

Through the 2007 MLB season: The single season MLB record for walks is held by Barry Bonds who was walked 232 times in the 2004 season. The career MLB record for walks is held by Barry Bonds who has been walked 2558 times during his career.

What Collegiate pitcher holds record for most walks in a complete game shutout?

Jordan Craft of the NCAA D-1 Dallas Baptist Patriots, threw a complete game shut out against Grand Prairie in 2006. Craft threw a complete game shut out, despite giving up 11 walks. There were 7 double plays turned in support by DBU.

How many walks does Derek Jeter have in his career?

Derek Jeter drew 1,082 walks during his career (1995-2014).

What is the most walks in an inning by a pitcher?


Who much walks did Barry Bonds have in his career?

During his career (1986-2007), Bonds set the all-time records for walks with 2,558 and intentional walks with 688.

What pitcher holds the MLB record for least amount of walks in a season?

For pitchers that threw at least 162 innings in a season ... The all time record is 6 by Cherokee Fisher in 229 1/3 innings of the 1876 Cincinnati Reds and George Bradley in 196 innings of the 1880 Providence Grays. The modern record is 9 in 188 1/3 innings by Carlos Silva of the 2005 St. Louis Cardinals.

How do you keep stats on a fast-pitcher?

strikes, walks, hits strikes, walks, hits

How many walks did nolan Ryan have?

Nolan Ryan allowed 2,795 career walks.

Does a pitcher have to be taken out of the game if he walks to many players?

No, a pitcher doesn't have to be taken out of the game no matter how many batters he walks. The manager will probably take him out if he walks a ton of hitters but, the only time a pitcher has to be taken out is when he hits a batter and the ump thinks he did it on purpose so, he ejects him.

Who has allowed the most walks in their career?

Peter disoja

Who has allowed the most walks in a career?

Nolan Ryan

What batter holds the record for the most walks in a 9 inning game?

Jimmy Foxx in 1938, drew six walks against the Browns. Walt Wilmot did the same thing in 1891.