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Q: What pitcher has had a undefeated season in the MLB?
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What is the MLB record for the most wins and saves in a single season by a pitcher?


Who is the oldest MLB pitcher with the most wins in a single season?

Phil niekro

Has there ever been an undefeated MLB team?

No. Since 1900, when MLB has been playing schedules of 140 or more games per season, the fewest losses in a season is 36 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs (116-36).

What MLB pitcher holds the record for having the most hits in a season?

Babe Ruth.

What season did the Washington Huskies go undefeated?

In the 1991 season the Washington Huskies went undefeated.

Have the Florida Gators ever had an undefeated season?

The Florida gators have never gone undefeated in a season

What is the MLB record for most consecutive wins at home - not just to start the season?

162, The CHICAGO stockings went undefeated in 1907. it was CRAZYYY!!

What year was the undefeated season?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins had the undefeated season, and also won the superbowl the next season as well.

Has there ever been an undefeated MLB team in the playoffs?

No, the season is long. The best teams lose about a third of the time. Even the worst team can beat the best team sometime during the season.

What Detroit Tigers pitcher won 31 games?

In 1968, Tigers' pitcher Denny McLain ended the regular season with a record of 31-6. He is the last pitcher in MLB history to win 30+ games in a season.

What is MLB season record for fewest walks per inning allowed by starting pitcher?

cliff lee

Which English football teams have gone a season undefeated?

The two teams to go undefeated an entire season are Arsenal and Preston.t

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