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Daniel McCutchen, Hayden Penn and Jack Taschner, all in the same inning.

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Q: What pitcher gave up the most runs in an inning?
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Who was the pitcher that gave up the most home runs?

Jamie Moyer gave up 511 home runs in his career, more than any other MLB pitcher.

What pitcher gave up the most home runs to Willie Mays?

Warren SpahnWarren Spahn gave up 18 home runs to Willie Mays.

Which New York Yankees pitcher had the lowest era at the old Yankee Stadium?

Wade Boggs pitched one inning and gave up no runs.

What pitcher has allowed the most World Series home runs?

Catfish Hunter gave up the most career World Series home runs with 9.

Most home runs by a pitcher?

The most home runs by a pitcher is Wes Ferrell, with 38 home runs!

When a pitcher allows 5 runs in first inning and then a Relief pitcher comes in and allows 7 more runs to end game 12 to 5 Who gets the loss?

That would depend on when those five runs were scored for the pitcher's team. If the team was always behind in the game, the first pitcher would get the loss. However, if the pitcher's team made the score 5-5 before the relief pitcher gave up the seven runs, then the relief pitcher would get the loss.

Who gave up the most home runs to Hank Aaron?

Don Drysdale.Drysdale gave up 17 HRs to Aaron, the most of any pitcher. Lefty Claude Osteen gave up the second most with 12.

Who was the pitcher in the New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers game in the 12th inning when Derek Jeter broke his ankle?

On October 13, 2012, David Phelps was the Yankees pitcher in the 12th inning when Derek Jeter was injured.Phelps gave up two runs on three hits in that inning and took the loss for game one.

What pitcher gave up the most Home Runs ever?

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer, the oldest current major league at 47, holds the record for most home runs yielded with 511. On June 27, 2010, he surpassed the record of the late Robin Roberts, who gave up 505 homers during his career

What is a pitcher's ERA in baseball if they gave up 19 earned runs in 37.2?


What was the most home runs hit in one inning?

The most amount of home runs hit in a single inning is five.

What pitcher gave up the most home runs in 1 season?

In MLB through the 2008 season, that was Bert Blyleven of the 1986 Minnesota Twins who gave up 50. Jose Lima of the 2000 Houston Astros gave up the second most with 48.

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