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Mike Schmidt hit 548 home runs in his career.

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Bob Forsch - 11 home runs off him

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Q: What pitcher did Mike Schmidt hit the most home runs off of?
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Mike Schmidt how many homers in 1980 World Series?

Mike Schmidt hit 48 home runs in 1980, the most home runs he hit in a season for his career.

What was the most home runs scored in one game?

I know Mike Schmidt alone had 4 home runs in one game

What was mike schmidt's number?

Mike Schmidt's number was #20. He was one of the best Baseball players of all time.

Who had the most hits for phillies in 1980's?

Mike Schmidt

Who has the most career hits in phillies history?

Mike Schmidt with 2234.

Who has hit the most home run in opening day games at 8?

Frank Robinson

What is the baseball lineup for most home runs in baseball career?

C- Mike Piazza 1B- Jim Thome 2B- Jeff Kent 3B- Mike Schmidt SS- Alex Rodriguez OF- Hank Aaron OF- Barry Bonds OF- Babe Ruth

Who has hit the second most home runs against the Chicago Cubs?


What New York Mets pitcher has the most base hits in one season?

mike hampton?

Who was the most recent New York Yankees pitcher to top 20 wins in a season?

Mike Mussina was the last Yankees pitcher to win 20 games in a season. In 2008, Mike Mussina's record was 20-9.

Who hit the most home runs in 1980?

== Home runs== This answer may surprise you, but here's the top 5 (from 1 D Murphy ATL OF 308 2 M Schmidt PHI 3B 280 3 E Murray BAL 1B 254 4 D Evans BOS OF 222 5 D Strawberry NYM OF 215

Which Philadelphia Phillies player has won the most MVP awards?

Mike Schmidt won 3 national League MVP Awards with the Philadelphia Phillies.