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The Buccaneers have the following picks in the 2009 draft


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Q: What picks do the Tampa Bay bucs have in the 2009 draft?
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What dates do the Bucs practice in Orlando?

As of March 2009, the Bucs' spring training camp has moved to their home facility in Tampa.

How many 2011 NFL draft picks were there?

254 picks in 7 rounds because of compensatory picks

Who was the Tampa Bay Buccaners first draft pick ever?

Hall of Fame defensive end Lee Roy Selmon out of Oklahoma was the Buccaneers first ever draft choice in 1976. He played for the Bucs between 1976-1984. Selmon's brother Dewey was the third player ever drafted by the Bucs. Dewey was a linebacker also out of Oklahoma and played with the Bucs between 1976-1981.

Where is Doug Williams now?

Doug Williams was promoted to the position of director of professional scouting in February 2009, for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

What kind of playing surface do the Tampa Bay bucs play on?

The Bucs play on a natural grass field.

Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in LA?

The Buccaneers have never played in Los Angeles but back in the late 1920s, there was a LA Bucs but they are not affiliated with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

What did the Colts trade to Tampa Bay for Craig Erickson?

A first round selection in the 1996 NFL draft. The Bucs selected DL Marcus Jones with the choice. Jones spent 6 seasons (1996-2001) in the NFL, all with the Bucs, and is currently an MMA fighter.

What is the name of the Tampa Bay bucs mascot?

Captain Fear

What was the Tampa Bay bucs win - loss record in 1976?

The Bucs did not win a single regular season game in their 1976 season.

Who has the most turnovers in the NFL right now?

Tampa bay bucs

What nfl team did quintin borders get drafted to?

Tampa Bay Bucs

What colors are Tampa Bay?

pewter and red and white and orange for the bucs.