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2nd overall. 1997

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Q: What pick number was Brad Ottens in the afl draft?
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Eagles number 1 draft pick?

Chuck bednarik was the Philadelphia Eagles number one draft pick.

What number draft pick was Brian Urlacher in the 2000 draft?

9th pick in the first round

What is Carmelo Anthony's draft number?

Carmelo draft number was 1st round 3rd pick.

What is an unprotected draft pick in the NBA?

It means the team can get any draft number, regardless of if it's a lottery pick or not.

What team has the number one pick in the 2011 NBA draft?

The Cleveland Cavaliers had the Number One pick in the 2011 NBA draft.

Who will be the number one draft pick in the 2010 NFL draft?

Sam Bradford.

What actors and actresses appeared in 1986 NBA Draft - 1986?

The cast of 1986 NBA Draft - 1986 includes: Len Bias as Himself - 2nd Overall Pick Brad Daugherty as Himself - 1st Overall Pick

What number draft pick was brian urlacher?

9th pick in the first round.

Who was the first pick in the 1994 NFL Draft?

Dan Wilkinson from Ohio State was the number 1 draft pick in 1994 by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Who is the number 1 draft pick for 2012?

Geno Smith

Who's Number 1 Draft pick do the cowboys have in?


Who was the number 2 pick in the 1999 draft?

Steve Fancis