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degrees and angle. is the main thing..

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angles and degree

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Q: What physics are involved in shooting a basketball?
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How physics is related to basketball?

Well, obviously kinematics, gravity, and velocity affect basketball. Especially when you're shooting the ball.

How many pages does The Physics of Basketball have?

The Physics of Basketball has 168 pages.

When was The Physics of Basketball created?

The Physics of Basketball was created on 2006-11-15.

What is the basketball shooting thing called?

Shooting in basketball is when you try to shoot the ball into the basket.

What is the ISBN of The Physics of Basketball?

The ISBN of The Physics of Basketball is 0-8018-8513-2.

What are the physics involved for a billiards trick shot?

The physics involved in trick shots include the angle of which a player is standing at, the direction they are shooting at, and the way they shoot. If a person puts enough pressure into a hit, the ball will roll and bounce in a particular spot and go towards a particular hole. There is seriously a Donald Duck video that talks about physics and covers the physics of some tricks.

In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

Types of basketball shooting?

Types of shooting are:Jump shotHook shotLay upDunkFree throwI don't know much about basketball but I hope this help.

What is the control group in a basketball shooting percentage experiment?

what is the control group in basketball

Can you take one step when you are shooting in basketball?


How can play basketball?

By dribbling the ball and shooting it.

What are some shooting drills for basketball?