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Q: What phrase does boxer use frequently a?
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What two phrases does boxer use frequently?

Boxer's two favorite sayings are:"Napoleon is always right.""I will work harder!"

What two phases does boxer use frequently in animal farm?

" i will work harder" and Napoleon is always right!"

Has anyone ever heard the phrase ooshee meaning to be cold?

Yes. I use it frequently. It's a phrase most commonly used in the Southern/South-Eastern region of the United States.

Can a real person be a punching bag?

Not really...however, the phrase is in use when a boxer is "meat" in a real competition. Someone being beaten on (and often taking it) as if they were a "punching bag".

Can a highjumper jump higher than a boxer?

Yes, a high jumper is trained to jump over heights taller than themselves, while a boxer just jumps around frequently

What is the prepositional phrase for people in the news are frequently embarassed?

'in the news'

What is the Japanese phrase and letering for demon and boxer?

悪魔とボクサー Akuma to bokusā

Why the poet has chosen the boxer had an iron fist a metaphor?

The phrase "the boxer had an iron fist" is a metaphor that emphasizes the strength and power of the boxer's punches. It creates a vivid image in the reader's mind, conveying the idea that the boxer is formidable and capable of inflicting significant damage on opponents.

What do people use boxer dogs for?

because boxer dog is very powerful dog and energatic dog

What lists of frequently asked questions are called?

Lists of Frequently Asked Questions are often called FAQs (after the first letters in each word in the phrase).

What units of temperature do scientists frequently use?

scientists frequently use Celsius

What phrase used frequently by mr. lindner ( 2 words) a raisin in the sun?

You peoples