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Mike Schmidt and Ryan Howard

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Q: What phillies player scored 48 home runs?
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Which Phillies Player Hit the most home runs in 2008?

Ryan Howard led the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies with 48 home runs.

How many runs did the Philadelphia Phillies have overall in 2010?

In 2010, the Philadelphia Phillies scored 772 runs during the regular season. They scored an additional 33 runs in the playoffs.

What player has the most home runs against the Phillies?

chipper jones

What player got to 100 home runs first?

Rayan Howard ,Philadelpia Phillies

Major League Baseball Player scored the most runs in a single season?

The MLB record for runs scored in a season is held by Billy Hamilton of the Philadelphia Phillies who scored 192 runs in 1894. Also: Post-1900 in the modern era the record is 177 runs scored by George Herman "Babe" Ruth in 1921.

How many home runs did the Philadelphia Phillies allow in 2012?

In 2012, the Phillies allowed 178 home runs.

What player of the Philadelphia Phillies had 58 home runs in one season?

Ryan Howard in 2006.

Who leads home runs in 2008?

In 2008, National league player from the Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard led with 47 home runs. The American League player from Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera led with 37 home runs

How many times have the Phillies scored 3 or less runs?

22 billion :) <3

Which mlb player has the most runs scored in their career?

Rickey Henderson with 2,295 runs scored

What does runs mean in baseball stats?

Runs means runs scored. Every time a player scores, by touching home plate, he is credited with a run.

What does Scored a century?

in cricket scored a century means that a player has scored 100 runs or more

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