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slaves had to work almost all day everyday, but weren't paid very much, if at all... :(

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Q: What person had to work with out getting paid?
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cause she is getting paid. you stupid dummy cause she is getting paid. you stupid dummy

What is voluntary work?

Work you do because you want to without getting paid to do it.

Have not get paid is correct grammar?

No, it isn't. You could say: I have not gotten paid. [I did some work already, and the person I did it for needs to pay me.] or, I didn't get paid for that work. or, I haven't been paid yet. or, I need to be paid for the work I did. or, You need to pay me for the work I did for you.

Should students get paid to work hard on getting good grades?


Word for being paid by the amount of work produced?

When a person is paid by the amount of work produced it is called 'piece work' or 'by the piece'. Some people in sales also work on commission which means they are paid for what they sell.

How does slavery cause poverty?

A slave is a person who works without getting paid. So if there is no money to be paid, then it causes poverty or poorness.

Wages or money paid to a person?

A stripend is defined as being a set amount of money or wage paid to a person for work that they have performed. This can also be used to explain a sum of money paid to a person for living expenses.

How would one go about getting paid to work out?

The way one would go about getting paid to work out would be to become a personal trainer in a gym. Most people with jobs like these are expected to stay in good shape and help people while they work out.

What do you mean by payrol entry?

Just getting you enrolled in a payroll so that you can get paid for your work.

When you work in dominos are you suppose to get paid for training?

Regardless if you are training or not, everyone should be paid. It is illegal if you are not getting paid.

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I work as a receptionist at a real estate company in BC, Canada. I only work on Saturdays but I'm only getting paid $9. I'm sure if I asked for a raise I might get paid $10/h. Full time receptionists I'm sure would be getting paid much, much more though.

Check has endorsement of payee do we have to sign?

depends. If you are recieving the money or someone else is. Payee is the person to which the cheque is being recieved, they are the once getting paid, hence the payee. The person paying is the payer. Endorsement of payee requires only the signature of whom is getting paid