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Pierre de Coubertin is responsible for reviving the Modern Day Olympic Games.

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Pierre de Courbertin

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Q: What person gets credit for the revival of the modern Olympic games?
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What was the name of the person who reived the Olympics games?

Baron Pierre de Coubertin formed the Olympic committee for the modern games in 1894, and was responsible for the revival of the Olympics. The First games were scheduled to be held in 1900 in Paris, but a games was held before that in 1896 in Athens, as the organizing committee didn't want the five year wait.

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The Torch Relay symbolizes the passing of Olympic traditions from one generation to the next!This flame represented the "endeavor for protection and struggle for victory." It was first introduced into our Modern Olympics at the 1928 Amsterdam Games. Since then, the flame has come to symbolize "the light of spirit, knowledge, and life."