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Less than 1%. The average male that doesn't lift weights would be lucky to bench 140-150 lbs one time. 250 lbs is a serious bench press, even for the physically fit and regular exercisers. Dedication to the bench press, time, and proper diet is needed for this kind of lift, and even then most guys will not reach this weight on the bench...

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Q: What percentage of us men can bench press 250 pounds?
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How much can Mr T bench press?

350 pounds in his a-team days,i think now 250 pounds

How much weight does desean Jackson bench press?

He can only bench 250

How much can Floyd Mayweather bench press?

Floyd Mayweather would probably bench press around 250.

How much can David Beckham bench press?

250 lbs

How much can Floyd Mayweather bench?

Floyd Mayweather would probably bench press around 250.

What is the bench press record for a 130 pound youth?

OK this is my first question I am answering but honestly i rarely ever see anyone 130 bench over 200 pounds but some short people such as myself can bench 250 pounds and weigh 132 pounds. i am sure there are people in this world able to bench 300 weighing in at 130 or so.

How much can you bench-press?

i am sixteen years old and i can bench press 250 lbs. i weigh 165 lbs. Im 18, i weigh 223.4lbs, and i can bench press 315lbs, i can squat 400lbs, and i deadlift 450lbs.

How much should you bench if you wheight 250 pounds?

You're bodyweight or more.

How much pound should a 16 year lift?

a 16 year old should be lifting in his bench press around 150 and 200 pounds, if you bench within these numbers than your in pretty good shape. But if were talking about squating it should be around 200 threw 250 pounds , but most 16 year olds barely squat as much as bench.

How much should a college defensive end bench press?

average is about 350 and they weigh about 250 and around 6'3

What position should you play in football as a freshman in high school and are 5'11 and 150 pounds bench press 200 and squat 250 and you run a 4.86 40 yard dash?

WR/TE...maybe QB

How much does Tyson gay squat?

Believe it or not Tyson's personal best on the squat is 400 lbs and 250 lbs on the bench press.

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