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At least 55 percent of Indians play cricket.

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Q: What percentage of the population of India plays cricket?
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What games do they play in India?

my friend came from India and he plays Cricket.

What percent of the world's population plays professional sports?

more people are plays is cricket

Who is Sandeep Sharma?

Sandeep Sharma is a cricketer who plays for the India Under-19 cricket team.

What sport is Sachin Tendulkar is well known for playing?

Sachin Tendulkar is a famous athlete from India. Sachin Tendulkar plays the game of cricket. He is the most famous cricket player in India. He has played for the Indian Cricket Team, the Mumbai Indians, and the A.C.C. Asian XI team.

What kind of sport do other countries play other than Singapore?

India plays cricket. England plays football soccer

Who plays cricket for England?

Me & Kevin Peterson plays cricket for England

What percentage of the US population plays professional basketball?

it should be 100% but its 73%

Does Russia plays cricket?

No,Russia does not play cricket.

What percentage of the US population plays a musical instrument?

About 2% as apposed to 7% in Europe. That's about 1/50 of the population or 6,000,000 people.

What cricket team plays at riverside?

Durham County Cricket Club

What does a cricketer do?

Play cricket?Plays a sport called cricket.

What does Andy Murray do in spare time?

he plays cricket with me i am his cricket coach

Who is Yuvraj Singh?

Yuvraj Singh is a very famous cricket player from India. He plays the position of all-rounder. He recently battled lung cancer.

Why virat play cricket?

Virat is a professional cricketer. He plays cricket for money.

What type of sportsman plays cricket?

Those who have stamina and are fit to play cricket

Where would India stand after the Commonwealth Games and Cricket World Cup would it help your country's economy and how?

i will be standing in 44 th position if it plays its best

How many upimers does cricket have cricket?

2 on the field. Another is used for reviewing plays

Which country plays the most cricket?

Australia is a Most nos of cricket matches played

Name the 101 countries that plays international cricket?

So many countries do not play international cricket. The teams that play international cricket are: * India * Pakistan * Sri Lanka * Bangladesh * Australia * New Zealand * West Indies * England * South Africa * Kenya * Ireland * Scotland

If your'e a girl is it weird to do cricket?

Absolutely not. Many girls play cricket and every country that plays cricket has a womans team.

Who are some famous cricketers and their achievements?

one famous cricketer and his achievement is sachin tendulkar, from India, who has the most centuries in both test matches and ODI matches. He has achieved a total of 100 centuries. He still plays cricket for India.

Who plays cricket at the Rose Bowl?


Who wrote the book meaning of cricketer?

One who plays at cricket.

What do you call a person who plays cricket?


Who is the cricket player?

Any person who plays as part of a cricket team is a cricket player. He can be a batsman, bowler, wicket keeper, fielder etc.