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it should be 100% but its 73%

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Q: What percentage of the US population plays professional basketball?
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Who is Lebron?

a famous basketball player and the best Lebron James is a professional basketball player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Villanova basketball players that joined the professional basketball league?

Randy Foye-drafted by the timberwolves,now plays for the wizards.

When did Maya Moore start being a professional basketball player?

plays for uconn in 2007

What percent of the world's population plays professional sports?

more people are plays is cricket

What professional sport does Carmelo Anthony play?

Carmelo Anthony is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association. He plays for the New York Knicks and has earned numerous awards and honors.

What is Andrei Kirilenko known for?

Andrei Kirilenko is a Russian professional basketball player. Andrei plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves who are in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Who is Juan Palacios?

Juan Diego Tello Palacios is a Colombian professional basketball player. He currently plays for Pınar Karşıyaka of the Turkish Basketball League.

Who plays basketball?

Basketballers plays basketball

Shawn Marion is a professional basketball player for which team?

Professional basketball player Shawn Marion plays for the Dallas Mavericks. He began his professional career with the Phoenix Suns, then the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors before joining the Dallas team in 2009.

What basketball team does Tayshaun Prince play on?

Tayshaun Prince plays professional basketball for the NBA. He was drafted in 2002, and he currently plays the position of small forward for the Memphis Grizzlies. He wears jersey #21.

What does a WNBA player do?

Usually a woman who plays professional basketball in the Women's National Basketball Association. what do they have to do, well they have to be really athletic, play smart, and have a good workethic.

What team does the basketball player Tony Parker play for?

Professional basketball player Tony Parker plays for the San Antonio Spurs, which is a member of the National Basketball Association. Parker is originally from France.

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