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Q: What percentage of the Canadian population is French-speaking only?
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What percentage of the worlds population have multi-colored eyes?

I believeit's only about 1 percent of the entire population.

Among Filipino Americans percentage of the population speak English only?


What percentage of women have green eyes?

Only 2 percent of the world's population has green eyes.

What percentage of world's population own an automobile?

It is estimated that only roughly 10 percent of the world's population owns an automobile. As of 2014, the population of the world is approximately 7 billion.

What percentage of the Greek and Roman used water clock?

It was the only clock so probably most of the population.

What website provides a list of US and Canadian small town population declines?

The only one i know is Google earth.But you have to download it.

What percentage of the population feels marijuana should be legalized?

44%, from the 70s to the 90s only 25% favored legalization

What percentage of the population are able and willing to buy?

Only those who can afford it should but unfortunately everyone does. Weather they can afford it or not.

What percentage of the state's population lives in Monterrey Nuevo Leon?

Nuevo Leon population (2010 census): 4,653,458. Population of Monterrey is either 1,135,512 (city proper only) or 4,150,000 (greater metropolitan area). Therefore, depending on which metric are you using, the percentage is either 24.4% or 89.2%

Is it true that all people are gay?

No. only a small percentage of people are gay, about 3% to 8% of the population.

Do many people know what Norse myths are about?

Only a very small percentage of the worlds population know what the Norse myths are about.

Which is the only continent expected to experience a decrease in the percentage of the worlds population that it has?

Houstantlantavegas? your an idiot. im not sure, i think its Europe