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5 percent

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Q: What percentage of teams winning games 1 and 2 of the world series go on to win the world series?
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What percentage of teams winning game 1 of Division series go on to win the series?

More than half.

What team has the best World Series winning percentage?

Of teams that have played at least 10 World Series, that would be the New York Yankees with a World Series record of 26-13 for a winning percentage of .667. The Athletics are second at .643 (9-5) and the Red Sox are third at .626 (7-4). Four teams are undefeated in World Series play, the Marlins (2-0), Blue Jays (2-0), Diamondbacks (1-0), and Angels (1-0). The Pittsburgh Pirates have played in 7 World Series and have a record of 5-2 for a winning percentage of .714.

What is the rpi based on?

The RPI or Ratings Percentage Index is used to determine the relative strength of college basketball teams. It consists of three factors. 1. winning percentage 2. opponents winning percentage 3. opponents opponents winning percentage. Home games are weighed at 1.3 and road games at 0.7.

What percentage of teams winning game 1 of the nba playoffs go on to win the series?

Game 1 winners have a 367-164 advantage for a 69% chance of winning the series.

What NFL teams have the lowest winning percentage?


What is the colts winning percentage against individual teams?


College basketball what is the percentage for home teams winning?


What are the top ten 2012 nba teams?

currently 1. thunder 80.6 winning percentage 2.bulle 78.9 winning percentage 3. heat 77.8 winning percentage 4.spurs 69.4 winning percentage 5. pacers 64.7 winning percentage

What NHL teams have the highest lifetime winning percentage?

canadiens then flyers

What is Peyton Manning's winning percentage against winning teams?

Including the playoffs, he is 53-57 as of today.

How many teams have lost the World Series after winning three of the first four games?

No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win the World Series.

Who has the worst bowl game winning percentage in college football history?

This question needs a "qualifier". Such as "for teams with at least 10 appearances"... As it stands, there are several teams with a 0% winning percentage. Most have attended 5 or less bowl games and some have never attended.