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Our head coach here (club team) in Southern California says only 3-5 % of all swimmers could qualify.

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Q: What percentage of swimmers qualify for junior Olympics?
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How can you get to the Youth Winter Olympics in figure skating?

you have to qualify at national junior competitions and place i the top 3

Do they run a 50 meter dash in the junior Olympics?

No, they do not run a 50 meter dash at either the USATF Junior Olympics or the AAU Junior Olympics.

Are there junior Olympics?


What are the junior Olympics?

Junior Olympics is a category for swimming. It is the highest category you can get, besides nationals. It is amazing to go there. OR A mini verson of the Olympics for kids who are too young to go. Like for example, they have volleyball junior Olympics. In 2009, they were in Miami, Florida. But this year, 2010, they are in Reno, Nevada.

What medal did Junior Ejehu win in the Olympics?

I'm Junior Ejehu and I haven't.

What are the release dates for RadXSports - 2002 Junior Olympics 8-4?

RadXSports - 2002 Junior Olympics 8-4 was released on: USA: 1 April 2010

What are the release dates for Problem Child - 1993 Junior's Weird Olympics 2-4?

Problem Child - 1993 Junior's Weird Olympics 2-4 was released on: USA: 1994

How can you join the Junior Olympics for Summer 2009 for tackle football?

u cant

Any competiton specifc to fencing?

Summer Nationals, North American Cups, and Junior Olympics.

How made a new world record in 2009 Junior Olympics in the West coast track and field competition for shot put?

Carissa Negri made a new record in shot put for the 2009 Junior Olympics in Reno for the West Coast Track and Field competition.

What is the maximum age that can compete in the junior Olympics?

Well ..... I am 9 and I went to the Junior Olympics in gymnastics when I was 8 and got second in level 10.! :)

When does the Olympics occur?

Junior Olympics, or "JO's", as they are frequently called, is a tournament held annually for fencers in the Cadet and/or Junior age categories. They are typically large, and you must qualify to participate, narrowing the competition down to a more difficult group. There are frequently large amounts of college recruiters at these tournaments. In 2010, they will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.