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Q: What percentage of rally cars are Subaru's?
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Why do Subarus have gold rims?

The Blue and Gold is from the famous Subaru rally car. The rally team won a total of 6 championship's from 1995-2003.

Are Subarus good cars?

yes, generally.

Can you use super unleaded in your Subaru outback?

subarus are not good cars so i would say no

What is rally?

Rally racing is a sport where you race cars on roads. These cars are modified for racing and usually are not built to drive on roads legally.

What is a good car to make into a rally car?

make sure to get an AWD car. i suggest a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO or subraro Impreza WRX. those are the best rally cars out there.:) You don't have to have an AWD car! Subarus and evo's are all well and good but they cost a lot to buy and rally prepare. I suggest something like a Honda civic or citreon saxo!! Both are relatively cheap to buy and kit out. Just look at Sebastian Loeb!! He started in a saxo and look where he is now!

How is this sentence punctuated Sixteen cars worth of people showed up for the rally?

It should be --- Sixteen cars worth of people showed up for the rally.

How many seat belts are there in rally cars?

A rally car has a three point harness to strap people in. There is only one and sometimes two of these harnesses in the cars.

What cars perform the best in the snow?

One of the cars that perform best in the snow are Subarus. These cars tend to have four-wheel drive and great traction in the snow. Another great car for the snow is a Volvo.

What are rally cars made of?

sugar and spice

What is the name for a group of motor cars?


Where can one find listings of rally cars for sale?

One can find listings of rally cars for sale on websites such as MotorsportAds or PistonHeads. Another website where one can find such listings is eBay.

Are rally cars automatic?

No, mostly not or not at all maby.

When was City of Subarus created?

City of Subarus was created in 1998.

I would like photos of cars in the Bi centennial Mercedes Benz car rally 1988?


What are the most popular rally cars in the US?

The Subaru Impreza WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer are pretty common in rally racing.

How do you unlock cars on rally 3D for nokia 6288?


Why are Rally cars left hand drive?

i think its because the majority of rally drivers live in countries that drive on the left only

How fast does the RC Suburu rally car go?

There are thousands of rc subaru rally cars so it is nearly impossible to know

What is the percentage of foreign cars sold in the us?

What is the percentage of foreign cars in America

How long has ken block been racing rally cars?


What type of brake fluid do rally cars use?

DOT4 or DOT5

What terrain are rally cars raced on?

Gravel, Snow, Mud, Tarmac

What features are typical in Subaru cars?

Subaru is a company owned by General Motors. As such, the cars come standard with what is normally expected in a car, AC, power windows and door locks. What makes Subarus stand out however, is the front wheel drive that comes on all Subaru cars.

What are the current Subaru deals?

Right now Subaru has a 1.9% financing deal for most of their cars. Also if you are interested in leasing there are a few deals for that but check out their website for the current deals. Also there are much better cars than Subarus.

What are the release dates for How Do They Do It - 2006 Rally Cars Neon Signs Biggest Ships 4-4?

How Do They Do It - 2006 Rally Cars Neon Signs Biggest Ships 4-4 was released on: USA: 11 April 2007