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5 percent

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Q: What percentage of people watch the Super Bowl alone?
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How many people bird watch?

At least 75 million people in the US alone watch the birds.

What percentage of people love to watch Fred?

About 55 percent of people like to watch fred.

What do people watch more the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl.

Percentage of people who watch Supernatural?

a lot of people myself included

How many people watch sports at home?

Between Nascar, Football and Basketball alone, hundreds of thousands of people watch sports. In 2007 alone, 139 million people from 232 countries tuned in to watch the superbowl. In 2009 it was more like 141 million.

How many foreign people watch the Super Bowl?


What percentage of people watch drama shows?

The number of people that simply 'watch drama shows' cannot be realistically calculated. Do you want the percentage of people from a certain age group? a certain country? the worldwide population?

How many people watched the first super bowl?

at least 22 million people with TV sets watch the 1967 super bowl ( the first super bowl )

Do more people watch the Super Bowl or the UFCA championship?


How many people usually watch the super bowl?

your mom 687328998240

What percentage people watch an activity before trying it themselves?

at least 80% of people watch an activity on TV before doing themselves.

What percentage of people watch over 4 hours of tv a day?

51% people watch ovr 4hrs of tv per day