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The top five sports played in clubs by boys aged 5 to 17 are:

  • 17% Soccer
  • 16% Rugby union
  • 14% Swimming
  • 8% Cricket
  • 8% Hockey

The top five sports played in clubs by girls aged 5 to 17 are:

  • 17% Swimming
  • 13% Netball
  • 10% Horse riding
  • 8% Tennis
  • 6% Soccer

The top five sports played by men are:

  • 26% Golf
  • 15% Cricket
  • 14% Tennis
  • 14% Touch football*
  • 11% Rugby union

* Less physical form of rugby

The top five sports played by women are:

  • 11% Netball
  • 10% Tennis
  • 9% Golf
  • 7% Touch football
  • 7% Skiing
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Q: What percentage of people participating in sport participate in minority sports?
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