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It a large percentage

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Q: What percentage of people in the world like sports?
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What percentage of people like sports?

I like sports.

How many people don't like sports?

Many people dont like sports. For instince my mom hates them. Me i love them. Less than half of the people across the world dont like sports. That is the scienctiffical answer

What percentage of the world likes cheese?

The percentage of people who like cheese is !100% (except for people who are lactose intolerant .)

How many people do you think plays sports?

many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world like to play sports.

What percentage of people in the world like to travel?

i would say 60-80% of people like to travel

Which sports do people bet on?

People bet on almost any sport in the world. It depends on many things, like what sports are the big ones where they live, what sports they particularly like, what sports they think they have a good chance of winning something on and what sports they can find someone to take their bet on. Some sports are very big for betting on around the world, like horse racing.

What is the percentage of obease people in America?

Thier is like 80% of the world with people who are obease

How many percentage of people like football in the world?

about 30%, at least it was in 2009:)

Why is sports day important?

Many, many, MANY people in this world love the heck out of sports. Just like Presidents' Day is to honor presidents, sports' day is to honor sports :)

What is the percentage of middle school students who play school sports?

The percentage of middle school students who play school sports are crayolla?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol:)

Why do people like sports so much?

Everyone has different likes and dislikes, but the majority of people all over the world, enjoy sports. They are entertaning, enjoyable, and healthy for you.

Who play sports and break world record?

there are many people that have played sports and have broken records like Brett favre and tom brady

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