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95% you'd be surprised when you find out people like Derrick Fisher and Mo Williams Can dunk even though they never show it off

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Q: What percentage of men can slam dunk a basketball?
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Is there a difference between male and female athletic activities?

It depends on the activities cause in pro basketball men can slam dunk but women can not, and so on.

What is the biological difference between women and men basketball?

guys basketball is quicker, and more electrifying, hence why a dunk in the womens basketball is the top headline, while like 90% of the nba can dunk.....

What percentage of men can dunk a basketball?

about 10% i would say which would be 1 out of every 10 men but it could be a lot less like 5%....

What NBA player had the nickname Honeycomb?

Gus Johonson. ---- Click on the 'Gus Johnson' link to read about one of the first men to turn the slam dunk into a work of art and the first man I ever saw shatter a backboard with a slam dunk.

In 1980 who did the doctors of dunk represent?

University of Louisville Cardinals Men's Basketball team.

What is the difference between men and womens basketball?

men use a larger ball than women men tend to dunk more than women do

What famous event is there for basketball?

Famous events for the NBA (National Basketball Association) are the NBA Draft, NBA Summer League, NBA All-Star Weekend (All-Star game, 3-point shootout, slam dunk contest), NBA Playoffs, and the NBA Finals. Other famous basketball events include the NCAA Men's Division 1 Tournament (March Madness), the Final Four, McDonald's All-American Game, WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association) All-Star game and the finals, FIBA World Championship, and Basketball at the Summer Olympics

Who holds the record for Free Throw Percentage for the University of Kansas Men's Basketball Team?

kirk hinrich

Who holds UCONN men's basketball all time record for percentage of free throws?

Ray Allen

What team has the lowest free throw percentage for a NCAA men's basketball national champion?

uconn in 2004

Are slam dunks illegal in the NBA?

The slam dunk was never prohibited in the NBA but it was in college ball. The story goes that after Texas Western won the NCAA championship in 1966, the 'purists' that ran college athletics at the time were upset because of the very aggresive style that Texas Western played, which included a lot of driving the lane for layups and slam dunks. Whether that is true or not is debatable since Texas Western was the first college in history to start 5 African American players. Regardless, the following season the NCAA Rules Committee voted to ban the slam dunk. The ban lasted 10 years.

What is the percentage of the 50 states represented in basketball this year?

If "this year" is 2013, then the answer is that 62% of the 50 states were represented by teams in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. That also happens to be the samepercentage as 2012.