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Q: What percentage of high school football players succeed to the national football league?
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Why are foreign players better than English players?

Because most foreign players have ave much more of a hunger to succeed in football ,one reason could be that they come from poor family backgrounds (eg. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi) ,so they need football in order to lead a better a life.

What percentage of small businesses succeed?

30 percent

How do you get better at football?

practice a lot and if you dont succeed try until you do

What are the odds of being a professional football player?

A hearts desire to a Determine to succeed

Can myopia be cured?

Yes, it can be cured. However, an extremely low percentage of people succeed.

Will jamals mom let him play football?

Yes she will let him play if she wants to see him succeed.

Who do third parties rarely succeed in national elections?

Lack of money and voter loyalty are two reasons third parties rarely succeed in national elections. Another thing that can hurt them is lack of media coverage to get their message out.

What percent of high school athletes succeed in the pros?

About 1 of every 550,000 varsity basketball players.

What is the difference between a huddle and a down in football?

A huddle in football is like a team meeting where the players on the field discuss the next play they will run. A down is an attempt to move the ball forward. If a Player is tackled with the ball he is "down". A team gets 4 downs (attempts) to reach 10 yards. if they succeed, they get 4 more downs to reach 10 more yards. If they don't succeed in reaching the 10 yards in 4 downs then the other team gets the ball.

Third parties rarely succeed in national elections because of?

lack of money and historic loyalty from voters.

What are the top 10 football players of all time?

THis is a very debatable list, as they are many many great players in the history of football. I have not included any current player as they can yet succeed and increase their stature. So here Goes 1) Pele 2) Maradona 3) Johan Cryuff 4) Paolo Maldini 5) Franz Beckenbauer 6)Zinedine Zidane 7) Ronaldo 8) Thierry Henry 9) Ryan Giggs 10) LEv yashin

Why are most men players?

Where there's a game, there are players. They tend to be reactive creatures, and when presented with a game, they attempt to learn to the rules so-as to succeed and win the prize. The tougher the game that is presented, the harder the playing.

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