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not even 5% hardly any one, off of a high school team, maybe 2 will make any type of College Baseball

You are right. Not very many go to D1. Its about 1/2 of 1% of high school players.

There are around 235,000 HS players and only about 1,400 D1 freshman slots each year. If you include DII, DIII, NAIA and JUCO, there are about 6,800 college freshman Baseball opportunities.

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Q: What percentage of high school baseball players become division one baseball players?
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I would guess about 1 out of 40 football, basketball and baseball players from division one colleges are offered professional contracts at some level perhaps in Europe. Most of them have very short pro careers. Players in lower division and other sports almost never become pros.

What percentage of high school players who become proffesional basketball players?

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How do you become a solid baseball player?

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What degree would you need to become a pro baseball player?

You do not need any type of degree to play baseball. Many players have never even been to college let alone have a degree. These players are typically drafted right out of high school around 18 or 19 years of age, so in essence, some players will only have their high school diploma. That being said, to be a professional athlete or in this case a professional baseball player, a degree is not required.

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What kind of education is needed to be a pro baseball player?

Technically, you don't need any education beyond high school, many players are from foreign nations and have only high school educations. Many players do have some college experience, however, it is not required. Baseball is different than basketball and especially football in that there isn't a huge gap in physical development that must occur to become a professional. Baseball has a good minor league system to develop a lot of young players where college would train basketball and football players.

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What percentage of college football players play in the NFL?

About 2.4%. 9000 become college players, and 215 become NFL players. The reference link for this information is no longer valid. "While many young people every year set their goals on becoming NFL players, it is extremely difficult to reach that level. Statistically of the 100,000 high school seniors who play football every year, only 215 will ever make an NFL roster. That is 0.2%! Even of the 9,000 players that make it to the college level only 310 are invited to the NFL scouting combine, the pool from which teams make their draft picks."

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Do you have to go to college to become a professional baseball player?

No, major league players come from all ranks, high school, community college and full colleges. In the past, some major league players were still in high school, or dropped out of school and played. Not recommended.