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Approximately 7% of all College Football players get drafted into the NFL.

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Q: What percentage of college football athletes enter the draft before graduating college?
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Notre Dame with graduating more than 98 percent of their athletes.

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This is often a misreported number because most studies do not include NCAA Division III, NAIA and all Junior Colleges. If you were to take the total number of High School Participants (7,092,999) and the Total Number of College Participants (581,077) you are looking at more than 8%. Obviously that is a rough number and doesn't take into account graduating seniors to available freshmen positions but it gives you a ballpark number. It also ranges greatly by sport.

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$0. College athletes are not paid, but can be given scholarships.

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it depends how good you are and how committed you are willing to be to it Overall however 5.5% of Senior High School players will get a Freshmen position as a college player.

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