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23 out of 30 NHL teams are Americans so 23 divided by 30= about 77%

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Q: What percentage of NHL teams are American?
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Which NHL teams have cheerleaders?

all American nhl teams plus Edmonton oilers

Which NHL team has no American players?

All of the teams in the NHL have American players.

How made teams are there in NHL?

ARe u asking how many teams are in the NHL because there are 30 in all. there are 6 Canadian teams and 24 American teams.

How many American hockey teams are in the NHL?

24 teams

How many American teams are in the NHL?

The are 23 teams in the U.S.A. as of 2014.

How many American teams are there in the NHL?


Does the AHL teams play the NHL teams?

No they do not, the AHL or American Hockey League is the minor league of the NHL or National Hockey League.

What NHL teams have the highest lifetime winning percentage?

canadiens then flyers

How many American players play for Canadian NHL Teams?

Out of 974 total player in the NHL there are 216 American born players currently playing in the NHL.

What percentage of NHL is African American?

NHL consists of roughly 3.7 percentage of African Americans. Currently there are 19 African Americans in the NHL team.

How many NHL teams are there in the US?

23 of the 30 NHL teams are American.(The Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, taking the number down one).

What teams are not members of the NHL?

There is also the American Hockey League with teams like the Chicago Wolves.

Which clubs are affiliated to the NHL?

Each NHL team has an affiliate team (or farm team) that plays in the American Hockey League. Many of the AHL teams are in the same city as their NHL affiliate. Many NHL teams are also affiliated with an East Coast Hockey League team.

How many teams are they in the NHL?

currently there are 32 teams in the nhl

Is there 48 NHL teams?

No there are only 30 NHL teams.

How manny NHL teams?

There are currently 30 teams in the NHL.

How many states have NHL teams?

38 Teams currently have NHL teams in each state !

How many NHL teams were there in 2005?

In 2005, there were 30 NHL teams.

How many teams are in the NHL now?

There are 30 teams in the NHL now.

How many teams are their currently in the NHL?

There are 30 teams currently in the NHL.

How many NHL teams were there in 1969?

In 1969 the NHL had 12 teams.

How many NHL hockey teams are there in Utah?

There are no NHL teams in Utah

How many NHL teams were there in 1975?

there were 18 teams in the nhl in 1975

How many NHL teams are there?

there are 30 nhl teams31

Who are all the NHL farm teams?

All the NHL farm teams are in the AHL