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The NFL's regular season HFA is 57%--the home team wins 57 out of 100 times. But in the playoffs it's 68%.

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Q: What percentage of NFL games are won by the home team?
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Home team winning percentage for NFL?


What percentage of NHL games are won by the home team?

in the nhl, about 59% of games are won by the home team. Also, fyi, 62% in the nba, 57% in the nfl, and 53% in the mlb

What percentage of NFL home team favorites win the game in NFL?


NFL home team winning percentage?

In the first 7 weeks of the 2008 season, the home team won 64 of the 102 games, or 62.7% of the time.

What NFL team's home games are in Ohio?

The Cleveland Browns

What is the all time home team winning percentage in the nfl playoffs?


Who pays for expenses for nfl away games?

i think the home team

Which NFL team plays its home games in Orchard Park?

Buffalo Bills

In the NFL how does a team become a 500 team?

A '500 team' is a team that has won the same number of games as they have lost. The '500' refers to the team's winning percentage.

Which nfl team has most sold out road games?

In 2011 the patriots were the only team to sell out all games -- home and away.

How many home games and how many road games do an NFL team play in a regular NFL season?

There are usually 18 games played in a regular season.

How many games does a NFL football team play at home?

A NFL Team's home games in a typical season: Preseason: 2 Home games Regular Season: 8 Home Games Post Season: * If Wild Card: Up to 1 home game * If Division Champion: Up to 2 Home Games 2 preseason games, 8 regular season games and up to 2 playoff games.

How many Seattle Seahawks home games?

Just like every other NFL team. Eight home games and eight away games.

What NFL team plays their home games in the Hubert Humphry Metrodome?

The Minnesota Vikings.

What is the percentage the home team wins in the NFL playoffs?

It's about 56 - 57 percent every regular season

How many NFL games a team play a year that are home games?

456 people played Each NFL team plays 16 regular season games, with 8 of them coming at home. They also play 4 preseason games, 2 of which are at home. This is as of the 2009 season. There has been talks that the NFL may expand the regular season to 18 games and possibly also cut 2 preseason games off.

What NFL team holds the record for the most consecutive home games lost?

Detroit Lions

What NFL team holds the records for most consecutive home games won?

New England

What is the percentage a team acquires in a tie in the nfl?


What does pct mean in NFL?

'pct' stands for percentage. A quarterback has a stat called 'completion pct' or completion percentage. A team stat is 'winning pct' or winning percentage which is the percentage of games the team wins. Wherever you see 'pct' in stats, it stands for percentage.

What NFL team has its home games in Orchard Part?

That would be The Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

What NFL team has the best winning percentage in the 1980's?

The top winning percentage of the 1980s in the NFL was the San Francisco 49ers. They won 68.4% of their regular season games. 2nd was the Washington Redskins at 63.8%.

How many games does each NFL team play?

As of the end of the 2017 NFL season, every NFL Team plays 4 preseason games and 16 regular season games.

What is the winning percentage when an NFL team gets a safety?


What percentage of draft picks make the team in the NFL?


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