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Q: What percentage does a footballer get of the transfer fee?
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What is the highest paid transfer fee paid for an English player?

The highest transfer fee for a English footballer is 35 million pounds for Andy Carrol.

What percentage does a soccer player receive from a transfer fee?


What percentage does a soccer player receive from a transfer fee if he is a free agent?


Can you tell me soccer player transfer rules?

The player must apply for a transfer first, then if allowed, the players agent can speak to the other club, then a price is fixed and then the club that wants the footballer will pay the transfer fee , and the agent gets his fee as well from them both.

What are the sources of income for soccer players?

Their salary, percentage of transfer fee and advertising deals.

Does it cost anything to transfer your credit card balance to another card?

When transferring a balance from one credit card to another, a transfer fee is usually charged. This fee is a percentage of what ever the balance is. A higher balance means a higher fee.

Is transfer fee a dependent clause?

No, "transfer fee" is a noun.

What is the cost to transfer plates in IL?

The fee for Transfer Only is $15, and the fee for Title and Transfer is $80. ($65 title fee, $15 transfer fee)Source:

What is a transfer fee in soccer?

The transfer fees in football are when one club A buys B footballer for sayin Kakas case. Real Madrid paid A.C.Milan the transfer fees for Kaka. a total of 56 million pounds . This is called a transfer fee. A player has contract on a club. Suppose Torres had 5 years contract on Liverpool. Chelsea bought Torres within that contract time so they had to pay transfer fee. Suppose torres moved to chelsea after the contract time was ended then Chelsea would not have to pay the transfer fee. You can know more about transfers on

How much was the transfer to arsenal for?

Of which footballer are you asking?

What is the difference between a Private Transfer Fee Covenant and a Reconveyance Fee Instrument?

There actually is no difference. A Private Transfer Fee Covenant is a Reconveyance Fee Instrument.

What is is Cristiano Ronaldo's transfer fee's?

94m euro was his transfer fee from manchester united to real madrid

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