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It depends on what players they represent. The better the player, the more the agent will usually make

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100 percent they can do whatever they want wiggaaa

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1mill or higher or lower

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Q: What percentage does a baseball agent make?
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How much money does a real estate agent make for each house they sell?

In most cases, they make a percentage of the sale price (called a commission), and that percentage varies. Usually, both the buyer and the seller have an agent, and both get a commission. If the same agent represents both buyer and seller, he gets a double commission. You should call individual real estate firms to find out how much commission they give their agents.

What is the percentage of agent in augmentin?

It mans shut up

What should you do if you want to act but cannot afford an agent?

You don't pay an agent anything. He takes a percentage of what you earn. I REPEAT DO NOT PAY AN AGENT!!!!

What percentage of money goes to a football player agent?


What percentage of a real estate agent's commission typically goes to the broker?

the commission belongs to the broker not the agent; question should read "WHAT PERCENTAGE OF THE BROKERS COMMISSION GOES TO THE AGENT" It varies from brokerage to brokerage, depends upon the broker -agent contract, could be 50% or less or could be a flat fee.

Do Insurance Companies mind if you have coverage with them but go to a different agent and get a cheaper quote and then bind that cheaper quote from the same company?

Insurance agents make their money as a percentage of your premium. Obviously, the larger the premium, the more profit there is for the agent. Also with a larger pool of clients the agent can accept a smaller profit and still make money. The insurance *company* is going to negotiate an acceptable split with anyone acting as their agent. Which agent you deal with is not their concern. There may even be laws preventing them from steering towards one agent in preference to another.

How much does a movie agent cost?

They take a percentage of the actor's salary.

How much should an entertainment agent get?

A fee set as a percentage of the entertainers he or she is working for.

What percentage does a soccer player receive from a transfer fee if he is a free agent?


What is baseball's ops?

On base percentage Plus Slugging percentage.

Can an agent named in a power of attorney change the a beneficiary designation made by the person who granted the power of attorney?

Power of Attorney paperwork usually specifies what they can make decisions on. Unless it states they do not have control over insurance policies, then they are able to change the beneficiaries and the percentage they would receive.

How much commission would a real estate agent in Tennessee make off a 300000 home sale?

I would estimate anywhere from $3,000 - $7,000 depending on the commision percentage.