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I would say that there isn't a definite percent, since a lot of people do not consider Cheerleading to be a sport. It has been proven however, to be the most dangerous sport for female athletes. This is mostly due to the fact that cheerleading results in more serious injuries than other sports. Permanent back injuries are common as well as bone breaks, sprains, and muscle strains.

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Q: What percent of people think that cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for girls?
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Is cheerleading more dangerous than girls lacrosse?

girls lacrosse is actually more dangerous than cheerleading

What percent of girls get healthier by cheerleading?


Should boys and girls try cheerleading?

Yes/No - Boys and girls should be allowed to try cheerleading, however it is one of the most dangerous "sports" in the world, so may be inadvisable....

What percent of cheerleading is girls?

97% of cheerleaders are female, If my resources are correct. Hope that helps! -H

Is tumbling more dangerous then cheerleading?

cheerleading is always more dangerous than tumbling ! you can hurt yourself in tumbling but many girls can die in cheerleading itself because of stunts and other activity. (cheerleaders can get dropped from up to 20feet in he air !) *college* but high and middle school is dangerous as well ! (more than tumbling)

Can tall girls play cheerleading?

Usually you see short people play cheerleading but if your tall and you really love cheerleading go for it but I'm tall and I stick with volleyball

What sport do girls enjoy more soccer or cheerleading?


How many people like cheerleading?

i dont know how many, but mostly girls

What can kill little girls?

Too many things to list, but one of the more dangerous activities for young girls is cheerleading or gymnastics. Some have literally broken necks.

How many people make the middle school cheerleading squad?

About 20-25 girls

What do most people not know about cheerleading?

Most people do not know that cheerleading began as a boys only sport when it was first organized. then girls started joining gradually, and it became what it is today.

Is cheerleading dangerous?

Cheerleading can be dangerous.I'm a cheerleader, and if you dont stretch enough, or if you don't trust your teammates, things can go wrong.Sometimes, freak accidents happen. You're lifting your flyer one minute, and the next, he/she's falling on top of you. Sometimes, you just come down from a lift weird, and you can mess up anything if you aren't paying attention.Hope this helps :these girls are right cheerleading can be dangerous i was a heerleader for 2years and one time this girl was lifted into the air and then she fell because her team-mates let her fall but she was OK.BTW u can get killed doin cheerleading lots of people die from cheer accidents.Competitive Cheerleading is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world.

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